Before leaving our shop, all pieces are inspected by qualified professionals to verify their age and origin, and receive a certificate.

Maintaining the original state

When pieces enter our workshop they are altered as little as possible. Any restoration work done on the furniture serves the purpose of recreating its original state. Lost or damaged wood pieces or decorative elements are replaced with respect for the age and style of the original.

Original Biedermeier materials

In our restoration we use only materials dated to approximately the same age as the antique we are restoring. Over the years we have collected a great variety of antique woods, furnishings and other treasures that can be used to replace a lost or damaged element.

Just like alchemy - the shellack polish

It is through this polishing process that the wood surface (veneer or massive) gains the glowing quality and exceptional warm red-brown tones typical for pieces of the Biedermeier period.

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